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Aeronautical Computer Human Interaction Laboratory

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With an aeronautical population that is well aware of the problems related to air traffic control and piloting, ENAC has long been recognised for its skills and legitimacy.

Based on the in-depth and theoretical knowledge of the other research teams as well as cockpit simulators, and with the aim of favouring user-centred design methods, the ACHIL laboratory offers various realistic simulation environments to partner laboratories or industrialists.

The objective of the ACHIL laboratory is to enable the exploration of new concepts and prototypes for future ATC and avionics systems, with a particular focus on the consequences that such innovations have on the working methods of operators.

A transversal research platform focused on the Human Factor

The studies and analyses carried out within ACHIL are very varied and touch on multiple fields of application. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

Human performance in complex situations, Cognitive mechanisms in the context of priority management, situational awareness and mental load, Selection and training of operators, The consequences of age, fatigue and stress, The design of specific tools for learning air transport jobs, Automation, collaboration between a human operator and other remote operators or with advanced algorithms, sharing of roles and responsibilities, mutual awareness. The management of the temporality of the activity, the need for support in planning and managing interruptions.

Due to the diversity of the research conducted, the ACHIL laboratory masters the integration of various interaction tools such as tactile, speech, gaze, physiological and neurological activity. The visualisation of the state of systems through augmented or virtual realities is also part of the numerous tools available within the platform. These can be used for experimental measurements, as well as for operational support or as learning aids.


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