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Enroute, Approach and Tower working positions

The simulation platform is separated in multiple rooms:

  • Approach and Enroute: 4 ATCO working positions with an horizontal tactile screen and a head up display. These positions can run radar image prototypes for in air flights control
  • Tower : 2 rooms are dedicated to tower environment, they are composed of 2 ATCO working positions with tactile screens and a 180° screen dicplaying the out of the window view. One room is a completely simulated environment, using Real Twr for the display. The second room displays the live video feed from Muret airfield (LFBR) for a remote tower prototype Ground control tower
  • One room is dedicated to pseudo pilots positions to give life to the simulation played in the other rooms
  • One room serves as supervision, everything going on in the others rooms can be managed and observed form there.

The different working positions are all interconnected through radio and telephones.