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Standard connexion & data

Basically the ACHIL platforms relies on the IVY bus middleware. it is a simple protocol and a set of open-source (LGPL) libraries and programs that allows applications to broadcast information through text messages, with a subscription mechanism based on regular expressions. Ivy libraries are available in C, C++, Java, Python and Perl, on Windows and Unix boxes and on Macs. Several Ivy utilities and hardware drivers are available too. Ivy is currently used in research projects in the air traffic control and human-computer interaction research communities as well as in commercial products. It is also taught to CS students.

However a connection to external simulators is possible through middlewares implementing EUROCAE ED 147 HLA interface for interconnexion such as SVS

The platform also implements lab streaming layer (LSL) which is a system for the unified collection of measurement time series in research experiments that handles both the networking, time-synchronization, (near-) real-time access as well as optionally the centralized collection, viewing and disk recording of the data.

In addition, real world data recordings for ATC simulations are also accessible on the ACHIL platform.